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What's OSP?
OSP, an abbreviation for Organic Solderability Preservative, it is a method for Printed circuit board Plating. It uses a water based organic compound that selectively bonds to copper and provides an organometallic layer that protects the Copper for Soldering.
What's the difference between "μm" and "oz" for copper weight?
35μm=1oz, 70μm=2oz, and so on
What's the difference between "mm" and "inch" for length?
1mmm=0.039inch, 2mmm=0.078inch, and so on
How can I send files to you?
1. Using upload file button before add to cart
2. Sending via email: files@pcbjoint.com
What is soldermask?
Soldermask is the greenish film covering most of the copper area except the pads. If you have access to any electronics devices - you will see that the copper circuit is actually protected by a greenish lacquer like layer - this is the soldermask.
What's peelable soldermask?
Peelable solder mask is a kind flexible solder mask for area need to be protected during soldering processing,this kind of ink is anti-soldering and could prevent pollution and scratches,it can remain on the protected area of the board until ready for test, and then can easily be peeled away by hand or tools without leaving a residue.
How can I be sure the gerber files are ok?
Be sure the preview your gerber files before submitting. Download a gerber viewer(gerbv, ViewMate), install, and take a look at your own gerber files. If they don't look right, or layers do not line up, or if they don't import at all, stop, fix your output settings and open the gerbers again.
Are there any custom duty and tax for samples and small order?
It depends on the where you are. If you need we can make low invoice value for custom declarations.
How long does it take to get my order?
For prototype and small quantity order, 2-layer job takes about 7- 8 days lead time, mulitilayer needs about 10-12days lead time. Transportation time can't be controlled by us.
If I order initial small quantity first and order large quantity later on, do I still pay tooling cost?
Tooling cost is one-time charge, it's only applicable to new orders and will be waived when you repeat the order.
What kinds of file formats do you accept?
We can process Gerber RS-274X, 274D, Eagle, Protel 99se, and DXP formats. But RS-274x gerber format is most welcome, for other file formats, we will re-send gerber files for customer confirmation before processing.
What can I do if my quote parameters are not on the list of online quote page?
You may contact us at sales@pcbjoint.com with specifying your quote parameters, if possible attache the PCB file to the email.
Do you guarantee the confidentiality of file?
Yes. We do not share your designs with anyone and they are only accessible for purchase by you (unless you have published the design). If you are very concerned, we could sign a confidentiality agreements.

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