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1. Shipping notice

We supply DHL, Fedex, TNT, UPS for the delivery. The shipping cost will be automatically calculated when you finished filling the order form. For extra-large PCB orders, we suggest to ship by air or even by sea for lower shipping cost.

Only working days from Monday to Friday will be calculated for shipping days. If the delivery is on the weekend, the board will be arranged on the next Monday. Your email will be updated after the delivery.

Both collect and prepaid will be supported for the freight. The shipping cost varies due to the unstable exchange and fuel surcharge, at different time. If you are not satisfied with the shipping cost, please feel free to contact us to find a better solution. If you choose freight collect, please provide your ship account and company name. Furthermore, customs duties & taxes and other surcharges are not included in our online shipping cost.

2. Lead time

We supply both normal service and urgent service. The urgent service will be processed as a highest priority. Online quotation is always for normal service; you may mark in the comment or send the email to us, if you need the urgent service. Orders placed on weekends and public holidays, we will consider next business day as the first day of order.

Time schedule below has shown the different days needed for normal and urgent service:

Layers Normal Fastest
1 7 working days 24 hours
2 8 working days 24 hours
4 10 working days 3 working days
6 10 working days 4 working days
8 12 working days 5 working days
10 12 working days 6 working days
12 12 working days 7 working days

* Countersinks
* Via in pad
* Blind/ buried holes
* Peelable soldermask
* Gold fingers
* Surface finish is immersion silver ,OSP,immersion tin
* Laser holes
* half-cutted holes
These items will influence the lead time for both normal and urgent service. If your order match one of these item, and the lead time will be not exactly the number shown on the quotation form, please contact us to confirm as you need.

3. Service time

Mon-Fri: 8:30am-17:30pm

Please be aware that the first date of order is counted on the second day that we receive your order. Our delivery time is based on the moment when we hand out your products to the express company. If your order is quite close to the holiday schedule, and your project is quite urgent, please let me your situation, if time allowed we will try to help you out with it.

4. Holiday

Official Holidays of Year 2022
Holidays Description
New Years Day 1st Jan-3rd Jan
Spring Festival 31th Jan-6th Feb
Ching Ming Festival 3rd Apr-5th Apr
Labor Day 30th Apr-4th May
Dragon Boat Festival 3rd May-5th Jun
Mid-autumn Festival 10th Sep-12th Sep
National Holiday 1st Oct-7th Oct

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